Welcome to the home page for Gina Reynolds: speaker, author, mentor, coach, friend, mom, wife and most importantly devoted Christ follower.  My passion is to help other women with practical information on how they can live their lives WEll, based on Biblical standards and accomplish ALL God has called them to do!  Making their life DO ABLE!

My hope is that this summer and fall will be very productive and creative.  I plan to gets lots of products finished and published!  There are lots of changes.

In July I launched my new venture, so do able!  This is a blog/vlog and much more.  I have BOOKS, E-BOOKS, PDF DOWNLOADS, POD CAST, FACEBOOK pages and more.  Check it out and follow at http://sodoable.com.

In March Total Language Plus announced to us that they would no longer continue to use company representatives.  I have represented this company for 10 years now, so this was big.  I can still sell the product on my own site but will no longer get orders from the company site.  I greatly appreciate your continued support!

So, I'm excited to announce MORETLP.COM Please check it out!  I'd love more student submissions and testimonials to post, so send them to me!  This also means I you can now find Little Learners Language Arts in the same place through either little learners language arts.com or more tlp.com.


 Little Learners has been launched.  It is exciting!  I am anticipating releasing many new products in this line over the summer and fall.  Be sure to like my Facebook page, "Gina's Total Language Plus" so that you are the first to hear!  Look for new products to be added as the year progresses!  Check it out at http://littlelearnerslanguagearts.com.  

If you are interested in booking Gina for an event please contact me at tlpgina@yahoo.com.  Please also visit the speaker page link at the top for more detailed information on topics and booth options.